Deleting Old Github Repos

The Purge

Today I did something I did not think I would ever do. I went through my Github account and deleted around 20 old repositories. Much of the code was just things I played around with in different programming languages. Some of the code had seen minimal usage, but over 3 years ago. This code was not relevant anymore, and even when it was getting used, it was seeing minimal usage.

Should I Delete Them?

I have seen different discussions online about whether you should remove your unused repositories or not. For me it felt good to get rid of this old code. Nobody ever used most of them, and some of them were almost embarrassing to look back at. Plus, most of the packages were built before composer existed. Now that we have composer, so many great packages exist that did way more than my little libraries I built.

Another reason I got rid of so many of the repositories, is many of them were libraries I built in my off time while I was employed at PayPal. Those libraries are so old and would never work with any API’s that PayPal currently supports. I felt it a disservice to keep these around, and if someone ever found them, they would just waste a bunch of time trying to get them to work. As an ex PayPal employee, I felt it a disservice to keep around old code that could possible just confuse anyone who stumbled upon my library.

If you have any other ideas about what to do with old Github repositories, I would like to hear them.

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